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NEW! Mary Cowan Hall Cookbook


Hot off the presses is the newly transcribed cookbook of Mary Cowan Hall and Henrietta Hall McNeely from 1859 to 1888.

The original recipe book was in possession of Mary Francis Smith of Greensboro, NC. She was a friend of Mildred Seaber, the granddaughter of Dr. Josephus Hall.

Mildred gave Mrs. Smith several items once belonging to the Hall Family. After speaking with Hall House docent, Barbara Upright, Mrs. Smith donated this cookbook in 2014. Volunteers led by Carol Rathbun spent hundreds of hours over two years transcribing the recipes. See the original cover to the right.

Booklets have been printed by the Historic Salisbury Foundation and are available for purchase for only $5. The cookbooks are available at the HSF office at 215 Depot Street Monday through Friday from 8:30 - 4:00 or on Saturdays and Sundays during tour hours at the Dr. Josephus Hall House located at 226 South Jackson Street.

Make sure your loved ones can enjoy "Rolly Poly Pudding" and purchase your copy today!