Thomas St Ellerbee

 New owners for 128 West Thomas Street!

Historic Salisbury Foundation (HSF) is pleased to announce the sale of the McCanless-Busby-Thompson House located at 128 West Thomas Street. The Foundation purchased the house from John M. Cheek on September 24, 2017, two days before a scheduled Demolition Hearing.

Built in 1922 for Charles McCanless, son of Napoleon Bonaparte McCanless, this two-story brick Colonial Revival House is listed as a “contributing structure” by the National Register of Historic Places and is located in Salisbury’s West Square Historic District.

Pier & Curtain Home Restoration, LLC, a North Carolina company specializing in the renovation of historic houses in older neighborhoods, acquired the house from the Foundation on October 26, 2017. The principals of Pier & Curtain Home Restoration, Dylan and Taylor Ellerbee, moved to Salisbury from Durham a year ago. An advertisement posted by local Realtor Greg Rapp in a national publication drew the Ellerbees interest to Salisbury. “Salisbury’s dedication to historic preservation is rightfully recognized across the country. The number of preserved, historic homes in Salisbury is incredibly impressive for a town of its size. Within hours of seeing Salisbury for the first time, we knew it was a perfect fit for us”, said Dylan Ellerbee.

The Ellerbees learned about the McCanless-Busby-Thompson House in mid-2016 and began working with Rapp and the HSF to acquire it. Most people assumed this beautifully detailed Colonial Revival house, which the Foundation worked last year to uncover from overgrown vegetation, was beyond saving. The Foundation had a different view, one which was shared by the Ellerbees. It took more than a year to accomplish, but they now own 128 West Thomas Street.

The Foundation’s Executive Director, Karen Hobson said, “We welcome the Ellerbees to Salisbury’s historic preservation community and we look forward to seeing this distinctive house anchor the Thomas Street entrance to West Square Historic District once again.”

The Foundation believes that the Ellerbees are uniquely qualified to renovate this house having recently restored a home believed to be beyond repair in a downtown adjacent neighborhood in Durham. They will begin work to stabilize the McCanless-Busby-Thompson immediately.


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